Straightforward Platform

Tradelax is all about helping you reach your trading goals fast. This is why we have simplified our account opening process in a few easy steps. Finance is evolving at a fast pace. This evolution has triggered drastic effects and We are at the centre of this change. Tradelax's platform has everything you need to thrive as a trader in the current rapidly changing environment.

Professional Training

We don't leave our clients to figure the platform out on their own. Tradelax will hold your hand throughout your time on the platform. We have all the online trading tools you require to become a successful trader. We also offer more resources such as an education and training team to provide professional guidance to all those who need it.


Tradelax provides a state-of-the art trading platform and we maintain a safe online trading environment secured with the most sophisticated security protection technology in the world.

Refined platform

The Tradelax platform has been well developed to offer everything there is to offer. We have hundreds of financial instruments for you to buy/sell. Our platform is truly comprehensive and designed to offer success. There is nothing that should be in an online trading platform that isn't present in Tradelax, including trading strategies.

An all-in-one cutting-edge Trading platform

Acquiring online trading knowledge and skills has never been easier. Besides being designed with cutting edge technology, Tradelax is a perfect online trading platform for being user-friendly and highly accessible for traders and investors. The platform is also a one-stop-shop for online trading information like pricing and market news.


Trade on the biggest and most exciting financial market in the world.


Get high returns with limited risk in all market conditions.

Portfolio Management

All-in-one platform that provides you with everything you need to trade the financial markets.

Our Finesse

Tradelax offers its clients all the tools needed for expert trading. We are at the forefront of debunking online trading myths. Online trading isn't the most difficult endeavour on earth if you have a reliable partner like Tradelax. In fact, we not only simplify the process but promise enjoyment every step of the way.

  • Copytrading


    Review the successful strategies of top traders and automate your account in order to mirror their most profitable orders.

  • Market Knowledge
  • Asset Index
  • Trading Calendar

    Trading Calendar

    Our customizable calendar helps you find new events and sort them by importance and asset relevance. Keep an eye on the market and plan your schedule.