Our Mission

We value every single client that chooses us. Our mission is helping our clients succeed. To demonstrate this, we appoint personal account executives to assist everyone who opens an account with us.
We believe in equal success opportunities for everyone who decides to participate in the global financial markets. This is precisely why we help everyone who opens an account with Tradelax to reach a level where they can enjoy success. We treat every investor with respect and accord them all the help they need, whether they are investing a few dollars or millions through us.

Our Team

All our account executives have 5+ years of experience working as market analysts. Tradelax assigns every account executive to offer one-to-one customer support that is professional with genuine concern on a customer’s vision.

Trading Tech & Security

Besides investing in human resources and openness, we also provide our traders with a state-of-the-art trading platform. We have all the tech you need to be a successful trader. We’ve also invested in security. Tradelax maintains a safe online trading environment safeguarded by the most advanced security technology in the world today.

Financial Instruments

Tradelax offers 200+ financial instruments. You invest in any one or more (over 200 popular assets) that include, but aren’t limited to, currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices.

We like to work hard to help you reach your goals.
You are more than welcome to contact our client support team 24/5 by phone, email or our online live chat.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +442080683045 (UK support)
We are happy to be serving you, The Tradelax Support Team